Youth Ministocks

One of the fastest growing classes in Speedway, Ministocks introduce newer competitors to the exciting fundamentals of stockcar racing. As a youth, or entry-level class, Ministocks have gathered favour with fans throughout the country. With very limited horsepower and strict rules regarding contact, these ‘pocket rockets’ nevertheless hold all the elements of exciting and spectacular bumper to bumper action.


  • Driver List
  • 6w Hannah McGinty
  • 7w Shaun Hayman
  • 9w Cyrus Crook
  • 12w Sam Parker
  • 16w Levi Pou
  • 21w Claudia Gregory
  • 24w Keegan Cotter
  • 25w Josh Moffat
  • 27w Vaughn Smith
  • 29w Cody Randle
  • 47w Anthony Hocking
  • 57w Arama Smiler
  • 64w Dominik  Hargraves
  • 71w Josh O'Keeffe
  • 81w Damon Smith
  • 88w Adrian Hume
  • 94w Ethan  Donohue