The ‘Winged Warriors’ of New Zealand Speedway. Easily recognisable by their oversized roof mounted aerofoils, the Modifieds are among the fastest dirt track racing machines in the country. To see these machines turn and change direction so abruptly at speed is something to behold.

Throwing the car sideways into the corner and relying on the downward force of the wing, as well as good acceleration and split second timing is a key factor in achieving victory in a Modified. However, make on little mistake in judgement, and you’re driving nothing short of a high speed metal tumbleweed!


  • Driver List
  • 5w Brian McPhee
  • 8w Michael Burt
  • 9w Blair McPhee
  • 15w Peter Holmes
  • 17w Jonas England
  • 36w Jacob Free
  • 57w Ben Cawthra
  • 77w Dean owens