These guys define the saying “Go Hard, or Go Home”. Consistently spectacular performers season after season, the Stockcars might lack the power and big budgets of the Superstocks, but they more than make up for that shortfall in bravery, courage and sheer guts. They hit, and hit…and hit again. What these guys call fun, others might call terror, or even suicide!

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  • Driver List
  • 4w Rob Overvest
  • 5w Josh Prentice
  • 6w Paul Gaskin
  • 10w Desiree Craike
  • 15w Hayden Thomas
  • 19w Noel Bewley
  • 31w Josh Patterson
  • 32w Hayley Best
  • 33w Grant Littlewood
  • 46w Keegan Levien
  • 52w Josh Lockett
  • 55w Todd McLachlan
  • 64w Richie Ryder
  • 66w Liam Sullivan
  • 71w Dennis Jefferies
  • 74w Corey  Small
  • 77w Tom Rundberg
  • 78w Matt Hutchinson
  • 91w Kyle Lane
  • 98w Ashlee Gaskin-Robertson
  • 99w Tony McLaughlin
  • 105w Aaron Russell
  • 321w Hilton Parker
  • 992w Taylor Lampp