Most likely the last bastion of the great three way battle between Holden, Ford and Chrysler, the Streetstock class perpetuates the excitement of big bodiedroad cars jostling and bumping their way to the front in search of victory. A ‘limited contact’ rule means you won’t see the gut wrenching hits as with Stockcars. You will, however, see things no normal road car should ever do.

With no performance modifications or enhancements allowed, it is down to driver ability to be able to negotiate the field and avoid being spun. This is a class where the names HQ, Monaro, Charger and Falcon are still common, and greatly appreciated.

Streetstock class rep Lauren McGhie 0220884­475




  • Driver List
  • 7w Jarred Higgins
  • 8w Todd O'Donnell
  • 9w Aaron Wilton
  • 13w Paul Sammons
  • 17w Byron Sutherland-Old
  • 18w Clive Rogers
  • 26w Hamish Hvid
  • 31w Grant  Patterson
  • 39w Dennis  Jefferies
  • 42w Greg Mauchline
  • 69w Ryan Kilburn
  • 77w Daniel Bouzaid
  • 83w Todd Gibbons
  • 88w Mark Brosnahan
  • 93w Scott Jones
  • 97w Michael Fuller
  • 126w Darin Thistoll