These are the undeniable stars of full contact motor racing. Superstock drivers are the ‘Tough Men’ of New Zealand Motorsport. They are pilots at the helm of 1500kg of high performance, fully reinforced super-powered racing machines that can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $150,000.

With up to 500hp to call on, the potential for high speed bumper to bumper action and thrills is realised at almost every turn. Some are built for speed and others are built to dish out punishment. The combination of both can be explosive!



  • Driver List
  • 4w Josh Kahui
  • 5w Keegan Levien
  • 11w Shane Hollow
  • 16w Dave Hughes
  • 21w Nathan Heyburn
  • 22w Richard Gaskin
  • 46w Allen Levien
  • 52w Paul Fairbrother
  • 54w Mike Pye
  • 89w Dale Robertson
  • 321w Hilton Parker