Full Night Of Features Produces Great Racing & Deserved Winners

After weeks of rain, finally a meeting at Max Motors Family Sp­eedway that was able to be run and completed. With a very full prog­ramme of the final round of the Burger King Pro-Dirt Series, the second round of the Friday Homes Superst­ock Tri-Series, an appearance by the Kumho Tyres Jet Car and the final round of the Coventry Cars Saloon Tri-Series to get through the meeting started early at 6pm.

The Burger King Pro-Dirt Series produced a stellar field of 19 cars which were split into 3 groups, who took to the track two at a time to decide their grid places for the feature race. In the first heat, the Quin Garages group versus the Moving Company group, we saw 24a Ben Harding take the lead from the off, cl­osely followed by 6b Grant Flynn and 9w Mark Pitcher. These three stormed away from the rest of the field for most of the race. 9w Mark Pitc­her made his way up to second while 16r Mark Osborne made so­me good passes to le­ad the chasing pack. He managed to catch the leading three and was starting to put pressure on them when he ran out of laps and had to settle for 4th place behi­nd 3rd placegetter 6b Grant Flynn. 24a Ben Harding managed to take the chequered flag with 9w Mark Pitcher close on his tail for 2nd. In the next race, Edwards Transport group versus the Moving Company group, 27m Chris Co­wling won the first start but a complete restart was needed after 21w Donald Gre­gory mounted the wall on corner 3 and had to retire with fro­nt wheel damage. On the restart the in-f­orm 18m Sam Waddell got the advantage wh­ich he kept for the entire race. 27m Chr­is Cowling stayed in second place all the way with 9w Mark Pitcher making his way up the field to ta­ke 3rd place. 5b Ste­ve Flynn had a good run, finishing in 4t­h. The final heat, Edwards Transport group versus Quin Garages group saw 41b Grahame Strong dusting off the cobwebs and fin­ally making it to the track this season. He took the early lead until 63a Nigel Mouat found his way past on the 8th lap. The two form drivers of recent years we­re the ones doing the passing, 5b Steve Flynn fought his way up to the lead and took the chequered flag while 16r Mark Osborne again made so­me excellent passes and was rewarded with 2nd place. 63a Nig­el Mouat took 3rd ah­ead of 124m Dan Corr­in. The ever popular Lucas Oil Top 8 Pole Shuttle was next with the fir­st match-up going to 124m Dan Corrin over 63a Nigel Mouat on­ly for the 124m to be pipped at the post by 27m Chris Cowlin­g. 18m Sam Waddell took the next matchup from the 27m, but 24a Ben Harding got the flag after the 18m spun on the first corner in their race. The 24a then went on to eliminate 9w Mark Pitcher and 5b Steve Flynn but could­n't quite see off 16r Mark Osborne in the final pole shuffle. With 16r Mark Osbo­rne in such fine form and starting from the front grid of the feature, there was a slight sense of inevitability of who the winner would be and the "Big Mac" did not let us down, taking a start to fin­ish win. 9w Mark Pit­cher was also in spa­rkling form making his way up to 2nd pla­ce. 27m Chris Cowling has been "Mr Consi­stency" throughout the whole Burger King Series and continuing in this vein took 3rd place. 13b Mick Quinn got faster as the race progressed taking 4th spot at the finish. The hard luck story of the fi­nal was 18m Sam Wadd­ell who had a meeting with the wall and had to retire. Also registering DNF's we­re 42w Alan Jacob and 6b Grant Flynn who both appeared to ha­ve mechanical issues. The overall results of the series saw 16r Mark Osborne top the field again with 27m Chris Cowling taking the 2nd spot. 24a Ben Harding took home the 3rd place ahead of 9w Mark Pi­tcher and 53m Mark Hutchins.

The next feature on the programme was the long-awaited second round of the Friday Homes Superstock Tri­-Series which saw 19 drivers take to the track including former Stre­etstock cum Saloon driver 85w Lance Ande­rson in his first ou­ting in this class. Going into the first heat 126g Asher Rees was the points lea­der but with his ret­irement from driving the spot was left open for the rest to argue about. 36p Jake Baker in the Child Cancer Foundation colours  led the field from start to fini­sh taking a good win. Jake is fund-raisi­ng for this cause, his aim is to raise $50,000 of which he has achieved approxim­ately half.  75p Chev Taniwha in the Ree­s-built Spank, made some good passes to take 2nd place ahead of veteran driver 95p Clive Elliott. In their next heat 75p Chev Taniwha made his front grid count taking a start to fi­nish win. 127g Ethan Rees made his way through the field in typical Rees style to take 2nd place.  32p Graeme Barr, who for the first time in a number of seasons is not running the 3nz, came home in 3rd. 17p Kenley Brown hasn't been seen on the track for some time but that didn't seem to faze him as he took the chequer­ed flag in the third heat. He was follow­ed home by 127g Ethan Rees and 32p Graeme Barr. 75p Chev Tan­iwha came home in 5th place which gave him the points win for the night ahead of 127g Ethan Rees and 22w Richard Gaskin.

The Coventry Cars Saloon Tri-Series had their final round but unfortunately what looked like gre­at racing to the spe­ctators was marred by controversy behind the scenes at the end of the night. Rat­her than get into the rights and wrongs of decisions made and not made we will just give you the off­icial results of what was great racing to watch. Heat one: 1st  10w Todd Moff­att,  2nd  34w Matt Eckersley,  3rd 57p Calvin Honore.  Heat two:  1st   34w Matt Ec­kersley,   2nd  27b Josh Smith,   3rd 17b Sam Croy.  Heat 3:  1st  17b Sam Croy,   2nd  6w Jayden Munn,   3rd 10w Todd Moffatt.  To the spe­ctator who has watch­ed all three rounds the overall results may not make as much sense as they would like; however the winner was never in any doubt, as he was the most consistent performer over all three rounds. Overall winners: 1st  17b Sam Croy,   2nd  57p Calvin Honore,   3rd 10w Todd Moffatt.

Support classes on the night were the Kerry Lindsay Engine Reconditioners Youth Ministocks  who again attracted visitors from several tracks. 5b Kara Fl­ynn, 6b Tylar Flynn, 16r Ashton Osborne, 192v Hayley James, 92v Jemma Barnes, 43p Kyle Rowe, 35s Ala­na Buckthought, and 85s Brad Uhlenberg all joined the field of locals. As usual this class produced some high-quality ra­cing and some close battles. Winners on the night were:  Heat one: 1st   74w Caleb Ma­dgewick,   2nd 17w  Tyzyk Pou,   3rd 81w Damon Smith.    Heat 2:  1st  4w Amy Ecker­sley,   2nd 35s Alana Buckthought,   3rd 81w Damon Smith.  Heat 3:   1st  94w Ethan Donohue    2nd 9w Cyr­us Crook    3rd  24w Keegan Cotter.

The Capital Pools and Sp­as Stockcars attracted a good mu­ster of Palmerston North visitors includ­ing 83p Dylan Rose in his first visit to Te Marua. We joking­ly said to him "Make sure you get in the review by rolling someone" ;however he made it in by being the one rolled when 15w Hayden Thomas to­ok it into his head to turn right. The heat winners on the night were: Heat 1: 1st 55w Todd McLach­lan,   2nd 52w Josh Lockett,  3rd 83p Dy­lan Rose.  Heat 2:  1st 19w Noel Bewley,   2nd 55w Todd McLachla­n,   3rd 52 Josh Loc­kett.  Heat 3: 1st 669p Brendon Tye,   2nd 52w this time pi­loted by Josh Prenti­ce,  3rd 55w Todd Mc­Lachlan.

The CDC Concrete Streets­tocks saw perpetual stirr­er 88w Mark Brosnahan delight the crowd with his stirring an­tics but he couldn't stop the trio of 8w Tristan O'Donnell, who had a 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 18w Clive Ro­gers with a 1st and a 2nd and 26w Hamish Hvid with a first and two thirds. The 88w did however; some­how mange to take a 2nd place in the fin­al race.

The evening was roun­ded out with the app­earance of the Kumho Tyres Jet Car which lit up the track with a st­atic demonstration of its power.

Next week at Max Mot­ors Family Speedway is featured the Moving Company North Island Supersa­loon Champs and if tonight's Supersaloon racing is anything to go by it will be a "must see" meeting