Fantastic Night Of Features Caps The Season
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The programme was jammed packed this Saturday night at Max Motors Family Speedway as the Wellington Speedway Society tried to catch up on all the events that the previous weeks of rain had curtailed such as the final round of the Friday Homes Superstock Tri-series, the Wellington Champs for Streetstocks, Ministocks and Superstocks plus the scheduled Capital Pools and Spas Ultimate Knockout 3 for Stockcars and of course the ever popular Demolition Derby.

Originally scheduled for February the 3rd round of the Friday Homes Superstock Tri-Series was finally able to be run. There were some interesting visitors running for the first time in the Tri-series such as the hot form drivers of the moment 2nz Jordan Dare and 971p Jayden Ward, we also saw Randall Tarrant take the step up from Stockcars to the Superstock class in the 5w. Completing the Tri-series novice list were 661p Bryn Liddell, 38p Rangi Dykstra, 571p Jayme Hemi and in the 85w Richie Ryder.


       The moment 22w, Richard Gaskin went from Tri Series winner to third place overall 

In their first heat the winner of the previous round, 75p Chevron Taniwha looked like repeating his hot form when he led the field for the first eight laps but he fell victim to 2nz Jordan Dare whilst trying to hold off a determined challenge by 10g Peter Rees. The 2nz won the heat followed by the 10g with Chevron Taniwha having to settle for 3rd place. 22w Richard Gaskin made up quite a few places to finish 4th and cement his series lead. In heat two things went wrong for 75p Chevron Taniwha when he found himself parked on the bonnet of 38p Rangi Dykstra, in the ensuing extrication the 75p was rolled and both cars ended up finishing their races on the infield. 971p Jayden Ward had a dream run and took the chequered flag ahead of 22w Richard Gaskin. 89w Dale Robertson was the big mover coming from grid 15 to take 3rd place.

22w Richard Gaskin went into the final heat with a 12 point lead in the Tri-series and looked to be hard to overhaul but unfortunately for him a melee erupted ahead of him leaving 571p Jayme Hemi straddled across the track. The 22w managed to avoid broadsiding him but clipped the 571p damaging the 22w’s rear end and his chances of winning the series. Richard’s main rival for the series points 127g Ethan Rees took maximum advantage of Richard’s downfall by taking the race from 46w Keegan Levien and 2nz Jordan Dare.

The podium on the night went to 2nz Jordan Dare from 10g Peter Rees and 89w Dale Robertson and 127g Ethan Rees sharing the 3rd spot. Overall in the Friday Homes Superstock Tri-series 127g Ethan Rees took the honours from 89w Dale Robertson with 22w Richard Gaskin, despite his DNF holding on for 3rd place.

   Friday Homes Tri-series Podium L to R 89w Dale Robertson 2nd, 127g Ethan rees 1st, 22w Richard Gaskin 3rd 

The placings on the night decided the grid draw for the one race Wellington Superstock Champs as it did last season. 2nz Jordan Dare with the front grid took the early lead and with a great turn of speed looked like he was a shoe-in for the title. However with the Rees family being such regular visitors to Max Motors Family Speedway they have obviously made more than a few friends one of whom 16w Dave Hughes took it upon himself to block the flying 2nz out of the lead. This handed 10g Peter Rees not only the lead but the Wellington Champs as well.  971p Jayden Ward and 89w Dale Robertson completed the podium. Cycle Science found a novel way to give away one of their amazing Fat Bikes. Max from Max Motors threw out tennis balls with the number of the cars competing in the Wellington Superstock champs on them and the person with the car number that won the champs won the bike.

 It was an impresive line up for the Capital Pools & Spas Stockcar Ultimate Knock Out 

Another special event on the programme was the third running of the Capital Pools and Spas Ultimate Stockcar Knockout. Because of the amount of entrants this season the class first ran two reverse grid heats to find the quarter finalists before the start of the Knockout proper. Each quarter-final was between six cars with the top three of each race going through to the semi-final. 

The first quarter-final saw 91w Kyle Lane, 992w Taylor Lampp and 19n Adam Hall go through while 74w Corey Small, 451p Tessa Field and 119w Bruce Bewley missed the cut. The second quarter-final belonged to 15p Luke Miers, 6w Paul Gaskin and 19w Noel Bewley with 15w Hayden Thomas, 98w Ashlee Gaskin-Robertson and 72p Tony Norman having to wait till the All-in to race again. The third quarter-final was the most interesting for the spectators with a good battle between 4gm George Watson and 55w Todd McLachlan. Unfortunately for George Watson he came off second-best and lost his place in the semis to 46n Tim Ross who qualified along with 55w Todd McLachlan and 669p Brendon Tye. 8w Ashleigh Halcrow and 78w Matt Hutchinson were the other two not to qualify. Only five starters came out for the fourth quarter-final and when 32w Hayley Best retired only one more would miss out, this was 10w Desiree Craike. 52w Josh Lockett, 31w Josh Patterson and 83p Jesse Rose all booked a spot in the semi-final.

 Brother V's Brother as 19w, Noel Bewley upends 119w Bruce Bewley

In the first semi-final 6w Paul Gaskin was spun and went into block mode unfortunately the damage to his car prevented him from being his usual effective self and his intended victim 15p Luke Miers made the final along with 91w Kyle Lane and 992w Taylor Lampp. The next semi-final saw 55w Todd McLachlan retire early to be joined on the infield by 83p Jesse Rose several laps later. The qualifiers were 52w Josh Lockett, 669p Brendon Tye and 31w Josh Patterson. In the final there was action aplenty. After 992w Taylor Lampp spun 15p Luke Miers to the back of the field Luke did what comes naturally to members of the Miers family and went into block mode culminating in a text book takeout of the then race leader 91w Kyle Lane who was then broadsided by the 992w Taylor Lampp. Unfortunately this resulted in all three retiring leaving the 669p Brendon Tye just ahead of 31w Josh Patterson with less than a lap to go. 52w Josh Lockett looked like he was going to try and stop the 669p however; on the restart 31w Josh Patterson got in first and then when the 52w joined the fray the 31w snuck down the inside to snatch the win and claim the title of Capital Pools and Spas Ultimate Knockout Champion for 2017. The class’s final race for the night was an All-in consolation race which featured roll-over money up for grabs. The action was hot and heavy but 19w Noel Bewley in a great display of brotherly love or maybe sibling rivalry rolled his brother Bruce in the 119w to claim the cash. 6w Paul Gaskin won the race ahead of 4gm George Watson and 992w Taylor Lampp.

 Stratford Visitor 35s, Alana Buckthought took a hevey tumble in the Wellington Ministock Champs  

The Kerry Lindsay Engine Re-conditioners Youth Ministocks had their Wellington Champs and with a field of 26 it was looking to be an exciting night. In their first heat 24w Keegan Cooter took good advantage of his front grid draw to lead the field home from start to finish. 85s Brad Uhlenberg didn’t make it easy for him though pressuring him the whole way and even gaining the advantage several times through lap traffic. They were followed home by 35s Alana Buckthought and 47w Anthony Hocking. The two big movers in the heat were 4w Amy Eckersley who came from grid 18 to finish 5th and 81w Damon Smith who came from grid 22 to 6th place. Their next heat produced one of the most exciting finishes we have seen with four cars wide across the track on the line with only thousandths of a second between them. The win was given to 81w Damon Smith from 94w Ethan Donohue and 4w Amy Eckersley. Unfortunately the fourth contender 74w Caleb Madgewick was relegated down a few places for earlier infringements. The big mover in the heat was 85S Brad Uhlenberg who kept himself in the hunt by coming from grid 17 to 6th place.  In the final heat 47w Anthony Hocking made up for his DNF in the previous heat in the best way possible taking the chequered flag and looking like he thoroughly enjoyed his victory lap. 9w Cyrus Crook finished 2nd in the race which brought him up to 4th place overall, all in all a good result for a young driver who will have three more years in which to win this championship. Third place in the race was 81w Damon Smith, who in the final points wash-up was crowned the Wellington Ministock Champion for 2017. 85s Brad Uhlenberg and 4w Amy Eckersley completed the podium.  The class also had an All-in race to round their night out, this was taken by another young driver with a big future, 94w Ethan Donohue from 74w Caleb Madgewick and 81w Damon Smith.

 Things didn't go so well for Grant Patterson, 69w when he tried to take revenge on Dean Dingwell 4p`

The other class looking for a Wellington champion was the CDC Concrete Drilling and Cutting Streetstocks. For the past couple of years the Wellington stalwarts have had to watch the title go out of town in the hands of 4p Dean Dingwall, who although a regular here at Max Motors Family Speedway still carries a p on his car and is therefore a target for the locals. This proved not to be just a theory, when 69w driven by Grant Patterson and 88w Mark Brosnahan both attacked the 4p in the first heat. 69w Grant Patterson eventually came off second best when he treated the crowd to a spectacular roll when trying to spin the 4p again. These antics left the way open for 8w Tristan O’Donnell to take the heat win ahead of 18w Clive Rogers and 9w Aaron Wilton. Their second heat 88w Mark Brosnahan who has really developed into a crowd favourite this season continued to stir things up attacking the 4p and the 9p of Rick Waihi. The lead was taken by 9w Aaron Wilton from the start and the race looked like it was his until 77w Daniel Bouzaid decided he would show the spectators the underside of the 9w, putting him up the wall for a wall ride and allowing 8w Tristan O’Donnell to take the lead and the race win ahead of 18w Clive Rogers and 93w Scott Jones. The final heat saw 88w Mark Brosnahan and 4p Dean Dingwall continue their battle with the 4p hitting the 88w hard enough to give him a DNF. 8w Tristan O’Donnell with a trifecta of wins took the Wellington Champion title for 2017 with 18w Clive Rogers with a 3rd place in the race claimed 2nd place overall. 93w Scott Jones took 2nd place in the heat but that still left him several points shy of 9w Aaron Wilton who took 3rd place overall.

 242w Martin Halcrow took a race win dispite finding trouble along the way

The only support class on the night was the Coventry Cars Saloons. Race winners on the night were 17w Stuart Cunningham, 9w Craig Burton and 242w Martin Halcrow.

The evening was rounded out by an impressive 44 car Demolition Derby.