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Final meeting packs the action

A bumper crowd turned up at Max Motors Family Speedway for the final meeting of the season. The programme included several exciting

features, the final round of the Friday Homes Superstock Tri-Series, the Wellington Superstock Champs, the Capital Pools and Spas Wellington Stockcar Champs and an ever popular Demo Derby.

Going into the final round of the Friday Homes Superstock Tri-Series there were only 5 points separating the top four drivers boding well for the possibility of a bit of action and the crowd was not to be disappointed with the drivers coming out all fired up from the get-go. 23 drivers including South Islanders 19c Malcolm Ngati, 126c Asher Rees and 48n Brett Nicholls, from Rotorua 33r Robbie Mabey, from Stratford 282s Phil Ogle as well as visitors from Gisborne, Palmerston North and Hawkes Bay faced the starter in the first heat. 126c Asher Rees took the early lead hotly pursued by 136b Maddie Wise. Managing to steer clear of the many melees they stayed in these positions until the 5 th lap when the 136b found a way past the 126c. The turning point for the 126c was when 16w Dave Hughes took it upon himself to show him the wall leaving him high and dry and DNF’ed. This allowed the points leader 10g Peter Rees to come through into 2 nd place behind the unmolested 136b taking his first win at Te Marua. 31p Andy McCabe came home in 3 rd place. Of the other three drivers at the pointy end of the points chase 89w Dale Robertson and 127g Ethan Rees helped their causes with a 5 th and 6 th place respectively whereas 5w Keegan Levien had been in the wars and finished down in 13 th place. The next heat saw 46w Ethan Levien take the lead being chased by firstly 16w Dave Hughes then 31p Andy McCabe. The 31p managed to take the lead by lap eight only to be passed by 371p Benji Sneddon on the final lap. 127g Ethan Rees finished 3 rd keeping himself in the running for the series title. 89w Dale Robertson finished in 6 th place ahead of 10g Peter Rees in 8 th place. 5w Keegan Levien fell further behind the points leaders with a 10 th place. The final heat was one for the South Islanders with 19c Malcolm Ngati and 48n Brett Nicholls taking the first two spots. 85w Lance Anderson tried to help his club-mates chances in taking out the series by blocking 10g Peter Rees but Peter was having none of that nonsense and hit him very firmly in the rear sending the 85w spinning out of the way and going on to take 5 th position .89w Dale Robertson managed to make his way up to 3 rd place. Winners of the final round of the Friday Homes Superstock Tri-Series were 89w Dale Robertson and 31p Andy McCabe both on 79 points with 10g Peter Rees close behind them on 78 points. This placing was enough to give him the Series win.

Top six in the 2018 Friday Homes Superstock Tri-Series were: 10g Peter Rees 247 points 89w Dale Robertson 244 points 127g Ethan Rees 238 points 5w Keegan Levien 203 points 321w Hilton Parker 193 points 7w Shane Davis 170 points

The Wellington Superstock Champs was a one race deal with grid positions being decided on the night’s points. This put 31p Andy McCabe and 89w Dale Robertson on the front row. 127g Ethan Rees and 31p Andy McCabe made the early running being 1 st and 2 nd respectively but 89w Dale Robertson was recording the fastest laps of the race and with 5w Keegan Levien and many of the other W cars doing whatever they could to confound the 89w’s rivals Dale went on to win the Wellington Championship from 31p Andy McCabe and 127g Ethan Rees.

The Capital Pools and Spas Wellington Stockcar Champs attracted so much interest that cars had to be turned away. Visiting drivers included 7h Dave Moore, 89m Tyler James and 513r Callum Flavell. Joining these were 5 drivers from Wanganui, a couple from Hawkes Bay and 772p Kyle Lampp, not to mention the current 1 and 2nz and with the rest of the 30-strong field made up of locals it boded well for some stellar carnage and we were not to be disappointed. Before the first heat was a lap old 12w James Martin (winner of the last meeting’s Stirrer Award) had treated the spectators to a superb roll on the back straight that saw him out for the night. 89w Dale Robertson had a go at 6v Dion Mooney but came off second-best, having to retire to the infield and both drivers were out for the night. 1nz Ethan Rees took the heat from 5w Josh Prentice and 513r Callum Flavell. The two Araperes 9r Sheldon and 38w Jordan were 6 th and 7 th respectively. In the next heat a few drivers made their intentions clear, 7h Dave Moore tangled with 1nz Ethan Rees who then came in for more attention, this time from 669w Brendon Tye who took him to the wall and kept gunning for him for the rest of the race. 52w Josh Lockett was leading the race until 7h Dave Moore decided enough was enough and pulled off a great display of blocking allowing 89v Blair Lockett to take the lead and the race win. 5w Josh Prentice and 174v Brendon Learmonth came home in 2 nd and 3 rd places. 16b Brett Loveridge kept his title pes viable by registering a second 5 th place. Going into the final heat 5w Josh Prentice was in the box seat with not only the most points but also the most club-mates in his corner but the rest of the field were not just going to roll over and let it happen without a fight. Four visiting drivers were still at the pointy end, 174v Brendon Learmonth, 89v Blair Lockett, 16b Brett Loveridge and 513r Callum Flavell and would need to be dealt with before the 5w could claim the championship. From the off the Wellington cars were on the offensive with 2nz Keegan Levien taking 7h Dave Moore to the grass and giving the front running to 98w Ashlee Gaskin-Robertson. This was quickly taken by 772p Kyle Lampp who held it for the rest of the heat. Behind him the action continued with the 2nz taking 513r Callum Flavell to the wall and pretty much ending his chances of the title. 9r Sheldon Arapere showed where his roots lie when he took it upon himself to attack the 174v Brendon Learmonth and hinder his progress up the field. 89v Blair Lockett managed to avoid all the carnage and finished 3 rd in race but he needed the 5w Josh Prentice to finish at least 6 places below him for him to take the top podium step and the Wellington drivers made sure that was never going to happen. The 5w finished in 4 th place which was enough to make him the clear winner of the Capital Pools and Spas Wellington Stockcar Champs for 2018. 89v Blair Lockett’s 3 rd place gave him the 2 nd podium spot with 16b Brett Loveridge taking the 3 rd . 1nz Ethan Rees had to be content with 4 th place while former 1nz 98v Gerry Linklater was 5 th . The first female driver home was 10w Desiree Craike who finished a creditable 10 th . Support classes for the final night were the Kerry Lindsay Engine Re-conditioners Youth Ministocks. As is now the norm for this class we had a good array of visitors from Wanganui, Stratford and Hawkes Bay, but notably there were three Southerners 14n Raiden Hearne, 41n Blake Hearn and 71n Riley Eathorne. A full field gave the class rep the good problem of having to turn racers away. Their three heats produced three different winners, Heat one saw 81w Damon Smith lead home 92v Jemma Barnes and 16w Levi Pou. 9w Cyrus Crook took the next race ensuring he was a comfortable winner of the season’s points race. 14n Raiden Hearne came home in 2 nd with 47w Anthony Hocking in 3 rd place. The final heat saw 16w Levi Pou take a hard-fought and well-deserved victory managing to hold off a hard-charging 81w Damon Smith. 47w Anthony Hocking came home with another 3 rd place.

The CDC Concrete Drilling and Cutting Streetstocks continued to entertain the crowd with plenty of niggle and running battles in their ranks. 9w Aaron Wilton, 74w Caleb Madgewick and 29w Robert Jackson all took race wins but plenty of kudos must go to 65b Dave Brand for his stirring attitude. The Moving Company Saloons featured the first drive of Amy Eckersley in the 3nz of her brother Matt. After a tentative start she showed she certainly has the skills to pass cars and will be one to watch next season. We had two visitors from the Bay 33b Kareena Annan and 27b Josh Smith who took three race wins from three starts and he must surely be establishing himself as one of the favourites for the NZ’s to be held at his home track next season. Others to do well were 124w Martin Halcrow and 57p Calvin Honore who each took a 2 nd and 3 rd place. 67w Scott Jones and 242w Ashleigh Halcrow took the other podium places.

The evening was completed by the Demolition Derby which, judging by the amount of cars we have had enter our Derbies this season, is becoming as popular with the drivers as it is with the spectators. This rounds out another

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